Photographing Faces

March 2021

Cowboy Closeup

Photography, I discovered, comes naturally to me. I feel very at ease viewing the world through a camera lens and really looking to find that interesting perspective or angle to 'tell the story' of what I am 'seeing.'

My first camera was a Canon Xsi in 2008 and everywhere I go now, I carry my camera around looking to find that shot or story. My favourite thing to photograph is people. People's faces are fascinating to me. They each tell a unique story. Photographing people also requires a lot of trust and confidence in the photographer. I have learned approaching people with clear intentions and in a transparent and positive manner always yields a yes in terms of them allowing you to film them. And I take a lot of pride in telling their stories when it comes to their photo and photo descriptions. 

One of my favourite faces to photograph was a cowboy in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Eaves Ranch. His face told of a weathered, tough man, who was also gentle in spirit and manner. It didn't matter the angle I shot him from, his personality always emerged. 

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