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A Traveler. An Explorer. A Nomad.

A Photographer.

Growing up in a first-generation Greek immigrant family in Canada, those terms never meant much as a child. My family did the occasional trip to Greece to see family and keep our heritage strong, but other than that, the means weren’t there to be a traveler of the world.

I don’t think I ever flew on a plane the whole of my high school years. But I lived in a world of exploration and deep fascination of that around me. I had a singular obsession of reading every copy of my father’s monthly National Geographic magazines; a collection I still have today. I lived in the worlds of Jules Verne and Jacques Cousteau, looking at places on the world map and wondering what Machu Picchu or the Great Pyramids of Giza looked like up close.

While nomadic travel didn’t figure into my early life much, the history of my family said otherwise. My great-grandparents were descendants of Asia Minor in Turkey. In 1922,  they went from from Samsun, Turkey to a small village in Northern Greece, called Pentavriso. And then my grandparents and parents all left Greece for Canada.

Within 3 generations, my family spanned 3 countries.  It seems through circumstance and history I was meant to be a nomadic traveler.

In 2008, I purchased my real first camera - a Canon Xsi. I had no formal training in photography, but decided to teach myself.

Now, my photos can be seen on Getty Images and one of them was featured in a National Geographic Ted Talks publication in 2017 - which essentially will be the pinnacle of my photography.

I have learned much over the years, and 57 countries later, one thing has not changed - my love for travel and photography are unequivocal.

Travel awakens you like nothing else. It provides you a glimpse into the world that our daily lives neglect. It helps you understand how truly similar, yet culturally different we are. It affirms that generosity is universal. That the earth is breathtakingly beautiful. And that no borders will ever replace the universality of human interaction.

This website is a means to illustrate my love for the world, and hopefully, you love it in return as much as I do.

Vasie Papadopoulos

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